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Charlotte Mecklenburg PTA Council represents 109 committed local member units. Membership to the Charlotte Mecklenburg PTA Council is open to any local PTA unit in Mecklenburg County.

The PTA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. If your school does not have a local PTA, we can help you can help start one. Just think how much family involvement will increase when you get all the resources of PTA behind you.  Visit www.pta.org to learn more about the work of America's largest child advocacy organization.

Our Mission

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Our mission at Charlotte Mecklenburg PTA Council is making every child's potential a realty. We are a powerful voice for all children. Mecklenburg PTA strives to serve as a relevant resource for families, communities and schools. Most importantly, we are a strong and dedicated advocate for the education and well-being of every child.


The Council is powered by 100% member volunteers. The 2016-17 elected officers are as follows:

Wanda O’Shea, President

Connie Cabs, First Vice President

Derrik Anderson, Second VP and Male Engagement

Maura Chavez, Secretary

Tony Proctor, Treasurer

Cynthia Littlejohn, Auditing Committee and Hospitality Chair

Chiquitta Matthews, Advocacy Chair

Kristen Anderson, Reflections Chair

Katina Gamble, Ways and Means

Darlene Whitfield, At Large Member

We Need You!

All it takes is one volunteer and before you know it, there will be a group of dedicated volunteers doing what PTA does best; providing resources and programs to all families.

PTA brings the voice of millions, not just the parents from one school. Many of the benefits our children receive today such as kindergarten, school lunches and a juvenile justice system, are the result of PTA's work over its more than 117-year history.

The strength of the PTA is not limited to our massive number of members, but the fact we speak with one voice for every child.   If you desire to be a part of a mission that is committed to honoring the past and working passionately to help provide for the future of those to come, contribute your time, monies and resources to Mecklenburg PTA Council. Please contact us at president@meckpta.org to join your voice with ours to make every child’s potential a reality.

At Large Board Members, Communication Chair and committee members positons are open if you have an interest interviewing please contact president@meckpta.org or woshea@carolina.rr.com.


May 1-15, 2017
Mecklenburg PTA Council Nominating Committee is seeking officers for the following positions:
Vice President (one of more)
Committee Chairs
Interested parties please contact Chiquitta Matthews at chiqmatt@yahoo.com

June 3, 2017 from 9:00-12:00
Transfer of Power/MECK PTA Election Barringer Academic Center
1546 Walton Road, Charlotte, NC