Elementary Education

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is a constitutional right and a proud American tradition. It’s the most important opportunity, after voting, that Americans have to be involved in their government. PTA is one of the nation’s oldest and most successful advocacy organizations. PTA has been an advocate for children since 1897 and has always been at the forefront in supporting laws that benefit children. One PTA purpose is to secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth. Mecklenburg County PTA members can fulfill this mission and help brighten the future of every child.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Advocacy Require Special Training?

No. Every PTA member can be an effective advocate for children. The best way to begin is to become active in your local PTA school unit.

What Does Mecklenburg County PTA Advocate For?

Mecklenburg County PTA leaders study state and local education issues carefully, and Mecklenburg County PTA has supported several major priorities and positions designed to improve schools for all children throughout Mecklenburg County. Local units and councils of Mecklenburg County PTA also work on issues that are specific to their local schools.

How Does Mecklenburg County PTA Advocate For Children?

In many ways. Every day, Mecklenburg County PTA members advocate for children in schools, before local government agencies like school boards and county commissions, in the state legislature in Raleigh, and in the federal government in Washington. Every Mecklenburg County PTA member can find a place to advocate for children.

Does Mecklenburg County PTA Endorse or Support Political Candidates?

No, that is prohibited by our bylaws and by state and federal laws regulating 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations like Mecklenburg County PTA.

Can Mecklenburg County PTA And Its Local Units and Councils Ask Candidates About Education Issues During Election Campaigns?

Yes. Mecklenburg County PTA and its local units and councils may invite candidates to meetings where they can be questioned on issues, and where they can explain their own educational goals, but Mecklenburg County PTA and its local units and councils never support or endorse individual candidates for public office. If an event is planned, Mecklenburg County PTA and its local units and councils should invite all candidates running for the office or offices. Mecklenburg County PTA members, of course, are completely free to participate in election campaigns as individuals.